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How does Pawn Shop Evaluate Your Jewelleries?

Pawn shops have specific methods for evaluating gold jewelry. Here is a general overview of the process:


Assessment: An expert appraiser will examine your gold jewelry, considering the factors mentioned above.


Testing for Purity: Pawn shops use various methods, such as acid testing or electronic testing, to determine the purity of the gold in your jewelry. This step is crucial in establishing the karat value.


Weighing: The appraiser will weigh your gold jewelry in gram to determine the weight. Usually, the weight of the stones and diamond will be deducted because it is invaluable. Beware of scammer which will use a chemical call “Aqua regia” that will corrode your gold. It is better to visit a genuine pawn shop.


Market Price Analysis: Finally, the pawnbroker will typically offer you a percentage of the evaluated value as a loan amount. This percentage can vary based on the pawn shop's policies.


Negotiation: Akhirnya, peniaga pajak biasanya akan menawarkan anda peratusan dari nilai yang dinilai sebagai jumlah pinjaman. Peratusan ini boleh berbeza berdasarkan dasar kedai pajak.



Understanding how pawn shops evaluate your gold jewelry is essential for making an informed decision. Remember, it's always a good idea to visit multiple pawn shops before finalizing any transactions.

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