PAWNZON offers up to 80% market value for Gold, Diamond, Silver and Rolex watches. We also apply daily interest instead of monthly; enabling our customers to lower their total interest each time they settle parts of their loan. For instalments, our customers are able to resolve anytime within the 6 months allocated. Every payment means lower interest for the next payment.


We solve your financial solutions in the easiest way possible. You’ll be able to make transactions like payments, in any of our 15 branches with our Inter Pawnshop Transfer system. We accept both cash and cashless so you can make payments through our brick & mortar shops.
Our expert valuers takes 5 minutes to assess your valuables and proceed with providing the cash loan on-the-spot. Unlike personal loan applications which can take weeks to approve under stringent requirements. We operate with mutual trust, we don’t evaluate your owned assets and credit history. If your credit score is less than ideal, it won’t affect our approval process.

Pawnbroking with us is very low risk. Even if you can’t pay your loan, the only thing you’ll be losing is your pawned valuable. NO high interest rates or late fees.


We understand our customers lead busy schedules. Knowing this, we provide timely reminders on ticket expiry within 1 week after the due date through SMS, Mail, & Call. Also, Free Gifts & Promotions are part of how we can add more value to our transaction with our customers.


Pawnbroking for over 70 years since 1947, we’ve been able to train and source Gold Valuers that possess decades-worth of experience—offering you the BEST price for your valuables. We also have VIP rooms in our shops under customer request, so they can enjoy the full amenities as part of our customer experience.Our customers put their trust in us. And we take that trust with the utmost responsibility. We have 24-hour CCTV with full HD so our customers’ valuables will constantly be under watchful eyes. For maximum security, we have multi-tier security storage to our vault room; making it virtually impossible for even the most well-equipped thieves to break through. In addition, your valuables are insured for 125% of your pawned amount. We have all these set in place so our customers (you) will be able to sleep peacefully with ZERO worries.


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